Tuesday, 24 April 2012

So, while waiting for Indesign to take an age to to make me a PDF of my book so far (it's a 96 page boys sticker book, with an Uber-short deadline), I thought i'd take the time to post some pics of my adventures in crochet so far:

So, I've made 9 squares so far, so i've got a way to go before I get a blanket out of them! But I've been doing a little bit every now and then, and their numbers keep growing, so I have faith that one day, there will be a blanket!

I've got Pip at meetmeatMikes to thank for helping me get to grips with the squares. There are some fab tutorials here:

Mine are nowhere near as nice as hers yet, but I reckon i'll try to master some fancier ones sometime soon... Watch this space!

I'm excited about the crochet, once i've mastered the granny squares, i'm going to have a bash at something else, maybe some amigurami...

Though i'm now quite tempted to try needle felting...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Finished patchwork!

So, I finished the mothers day cushion, and never posted a pic!

... So here's a couple of the finished cushion. It's not strictly a patchwork cushion, seeing as I used fabric glue to stick the flower thing to the front...but time was tight, and mum loved it anyway!

In other news, I've been learning to crochet, and have taken on a fairly nightmare-y design job.

But CROCHET! I'll post pics soon!!

F x