Monday, 28 May 2012

Exciting times....

I'm having a bit of a rebrand, new logo, new website, new work online...

New beginnings really... i'm on the brink of going freelance, and am really looking forward to it. I've been  testing the water a little lately, and have really enjoyed the work I've been getting, so it's now time to bite the bullet, jump in the deep end and go for it!

My new logo is a little bit of a re-styling of a doodle I did a while ago. It features an owl. Although I think the owl is slightly over-used at the moment; for me he symbolises knowledge and learning and seeing as I  want to continue to work doing information based design (amongst other things), either for publishers, or museums, the owl is a symbol of wisdom. I also stay up too late, and have a soft spot for birds.

Here he is:

He's sitting on a pencil too, I use a lot of pencils while sketching out ideas, so it seemed like the obvious replacement for a branch.

He occasionally appears in orange as well:

I'd love to hear any thoughts on him!